"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Monday, April 16, 2012

the unconventionality of mixed signals.
yet fish's made the choice to trust her intuition.
hence with every moment of nothing happening,
her heart stills and drifts further away.

soon, it shall cease to matter.

for indeed nothing but time, is everything.
once the spark of the moment is gone, it is simply, gone.
as much as she enjoys undertaking long, meaningful journeys,
the wait before the beginning wears her spirits down.

hence, her sojourn,
the need to catch her before she slips away.
yet slowly but surely, she is gaining her rein back.
this much she can feel for now.

the very moment she sets her heart and mind on swimming away from it all,
this quiet and calm strength she's gained,
from the promise of never looking back -
she liked that,
the sense of simplicity and freedom.

soon, return it shall.