"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

if i ever get a chance to send a letter to God, this will be what it says:

for the

~affinity with people i care about
~blessings (uncountable) you've given to me
~childlikeness + creativity in me
~determination bestowed
~everything going on in my life basically
~friendship + freedom which i will always cherish
~great-atmospheres now and then which never fails to sweep me along
~happiness which i felt had never left me and was never far
~igenuity + innovation during spurs of the moment
~joking-ability (laming in a funny way)
~kindness shown to me
~love felt from all around me since i was born
~mum+me+dad = a complete, supportive family which occupies almost all the room of my heart
~never letting me experience unwantedness,aloneness or helplessness
~opposition + obstruction met that are minimal but helped to strengthen me
~pals who cheer me up, surprise me and encourage me
~querying + inquisitive mind
~regrets (which are minimal and i hope it stay this way)
~support + shoulders from everywhere + everyone i hold dear
~trust + faith people have in me
~understanding lot of people by my side
~very perfect house and home
~wisdom to understand things
~"x-ing" and keeping out unfortunate events from me in my life
~you letting me learn about you and staying with me since i was a child
~zzz (peaceful sleeping) every night without me feeling troubled

dear lord,

for all these which you have given me, i have found my worth on earth, felt love and learn to love, believe in love and will try to love others as you have loved me so much that it can't be quantified. my gratitude can never be enough. amen.