"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the tears, the tear duct, and the tear glands.
recently, our little water faerie found a rather fascinating thing that belongs to human beings. their tears. she realised that at certain times, certain people tear beautifully, but at other times, some of the cries are just awful. tears are almost as contagious as laughter, but have more chances of being starred in an appearance. 'laughter of pain' is definitely less heard of as 'tears of joy', for one.

a mixture of sad emotions welling up, with an overwhelming need of expressing them brings one the tears that needed to be shed. there are some tears which looks extremely beautiful - strings of liquid crystals which reflect a tinge of light in the darkness of one's life. those were the tears that were not shed for selfish wants, or personal gain. those were the tears which were shed due to genuine emotions, those shed in truth, those shed for others. if a crocodile had shed such tears, they would have looked beautiful too.

she also realised that there are some who prefer to tear in their heart, while there are those who allow their tears to flow through their eyes. some people are born with a larger tear ducts or over-active tear glands. she likes to think that for one who can hold more tears, he or she sheds them for those who can't, whether they were born with defective tear ducts, tear glands or those whose hearts were overly-hardened by life. he or she also tears for those whose pains and sadness are too heavy for one to bear.

it was said that we tear so as to wash away our excessive stress hormones in our body system. but she likes to think that we tear so as to embrace life more fully.
changing within change, yet retaining the unchanged.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

life. happiness. and some thoughts on them.

had just wondered... which might be worse, the feeling of emptiness or the feeling of hollowness? similar yet different? hollowness implies one 'has a surface' to begin with, while emptiness implies one was 'contained' in the first place.

was just drinking from a glass containing 7 ice cubes. all 7 of them had varying volumes... but hadn't these ice cubes been taken from the same fridge and made with water from the same source? then why are they so different? a while later however, when i re-looked, I only found 5 cubes remaining. and the third time, 2 were left. had their melting rate differed because their volumes were already significantly different to begin with, without me realising, or had the lapse of that few seconds in between their addition made all the difference?

see that life is not stationary and all shall come to pass. see that one will not know the meaning of meaning if one does not start seeking it in the first place. and know that one will not appreciate the meaning of meaning unless one found it but lose it. but before one's final moments, will one ever know life?

if happiness cannot really be sought by one, but it might not seek one either, how then is it ever found?
if happiness is based upon emotions, wouldn't life be summed up in a few cycles of losing it and finding it?

which is closer to your soul, your mind or your heart? yet neither can exist without either. but if an integration of all 3 results in complications and separation results in confusion, then what, should one try to do?

if one can't hold on to something which one can't let go, should one continuing to hold on or let go? yet, if one allows one's tears to roll in one's eyes a while longer, they will eventually dry... won't they?

sometimes weariness can wear one's spirits down so very subtly one could barely notice till one is completely drained. if life is a game where there are no prizes to be won, for everyone dies empty handed, then why should winning and losing matter at all during the course of one's lifetime?

so many things make sense, but all are not easily understood.