"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Monday, December 21, 2009

her teary eyes that eternity dried,
lady in the painting, now none know.
broken, shattered and lifeless.
shaken echoes from beneath the ground.
weeping chain and a sorrow-filled lock,

all was lost behind that single lifeless door.

where the broken chains resided,
invisible shackles now lie.
marks of trappings,
bound by freedom.

faith is the gift i want most.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

da la da la da... la da la da dup.

off through the fluffy clouds on this queer little day,
floated our little water faerie, to somewhere faraway...

da la da la da... la da la da dup.

she had landed on this bandwagon;
she was thrusted into a folklore!

da la da la da... la da la da dup.

some humming she did, of a rather distant tune,
to the cheery sweet bird's gay little song.
  "da la da la da... la da la da dup!"

... bring her a harp and a lyre, with some cymbals and a clap!
let her swirl round the merry fire, aflame with life.
let her whistle a tune to the beautiful fireflies,
and then hold your breath, and watch how they dance!

da la da la da... la da la da dup.

on the tallest tree's thinest branch, went three cheeky squirrels
scurriedly flashing their secretive smiles
despite their ticking pocket watches.

da la da la da... la da la da dup.
da la da la da... la da la da dup.

take a stroll down the moonlit path,
scented with moments of faint lingering nostalgia.

da la da la da... la da la da dup.

look, into the endless darkness,
to find hope humbly and dazzlingly sprinkled,
across the long lost universe.

da la da la da... la da la da dup!

just as dawn and dust must break once more,
into the abyss of sweet dreams, one by one falls.

da... la... di... ... la... ... dup.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a lot and nothing.
alot and nothing.
hollowed emptiness.

can you hear the water dripping?

one, two, three and four.


no air.

one, two, three and four.
one, two, three and four.

one, two, three and four.

the one i missed.
and now there's nothing left to say.

you can't hear me.
you never will.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

what defines the boundary where the little stream reaches the sea? and when the sea reaches the oceans?

why do some explanations appear to explain, yet they fail to provide you with comprehensible answers?
why can't people stop asking themselves questions to which they find no answers to?
why can't human minds be quietened with answers that cannot be further derived?
because natural selection worked against it?

why do logics contradict? is this even logical?

the line. that most do not see.
human choices are the variables.
the path untaken... the other reality, will things truly be better?
constancy. what's your constancy in this dimension? what's mine?

a seemingly simple hypothesis for a complex situation - which gets nowhere, apparently.
but only the ocean flows to the sea, and the sea the streams.

fish needs a rest.