"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

sometimes people get so independent they can live on their own perfectly.
sometimes they forgot to depend on others once in a while and take a break.

measure too much and lose the chance to change some things.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

let's begin with a platform.
the beginning of the measure of distance.
it brings people together or away?

without a platform, a non-existent distance, a non-existent closure. distance?

look just at the surface, just look at the surface.
the prettiest and, most of the time, the many layers beneath are not.
peel off layer by layer, perhaps you find something more beautiful -
perhaps you don't.

emotions are so powerful a form of energy they break or build man. literally.

gauging another's vibes can never be easy since they may very well be trying to get hold of their own vibes at the same time. how can you describe a shape of something that has none?

stepping out is just the embracing of unpredictability.

if life were taught as a module, what would its exam format be like?

Friday, November 21, 2008

that fine morning, our little water fairy and shairnra got their fair share of adventure.

pulled off by excitement-bubbling shairnra, they stealthily crept into the garden of edeeairn. evidently left unattended for eons, still, it was not at all hard to imagine how beautiful this garden must have been once upon a time.

sitting in the very center of the clearing was a forgotten wooden swing - exquisitely crafted was the wood, born of no ordinary fire. great flight rose from and with nothingness, as power.

they saw a trail left behind by the tail of a dragon and knew for sure they had to follow. through the walk, they felt cooling wetness, though they were dry, and their siouzli were refreshed the very instant a drop of nothingness splash onto their lips.

one never really gets to enter a different world where melodious enchanted bells ring every now and then, even though you are from the magical world itself and yet, when the time to leave arrives, nothing can make you stay a second longer.

water fairy had the urge to drop a slipper, had she one on her, just to feel how it was like when cinderella rode off on the pumpkin cart from the palace. she wondered if there was a prince in this quiet world in the first place.

and finally this was it. time had came to claim them. water fairy had had a surprisingly rolling good moment, unexpectedly, and was truly fond - of this little adventure of hers which managed to brush her mind off her quest.

a bright and cheery shairnra took a short walk with her, and soon, the spring was once again filled with just the calm breathing of our little water fairy. it seems like the portal of time had opened the constellation guide for her - another of the stars' many gifts to her. water fairy simply gazed.

resounding in her heart the melodious enchantment of the bells playing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

sometimes things pass us so fast i wonder why we struggled so hard and sought after them in the first place.

can one really live with memories alone?
how much memories are needed to make one feels there is no need of more memories?

memories are there to sustain one's happiness - contentment or living in the past?
from memories, come yearning?

i guess memories pass us fast too.

tortoises and ostriches.
shells and the ground.

human sometimes are
not very different either.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

self recognition...

people who are trying real hard to gain the recognition of others, consciously or subconciously, usually are the ones who failed to give recognition to their ownselves essentially.

human beings.
once again.

why ask for an answer
when you already knew what i would say
she heard some footsteps. could be them. she hurried behind a row of trees, finding herself colourless once more, blending in. carefully, she wipes her tracks off the ground with a simple wave of her hand and a small breath of air. as the group rode pass her, for a moment, she thought she saw someone familiar among them - someone who looked exactly like herself. it wouldn't be, would it? she occupied herself in thoughts of different possibilities, even after the party rode some distance. it was daybreak when she finally got on charlotte and continued riding. she must get to the treeling fast. everything will come to light then, for sure. the treeling will know. it will have to. but for now, she should get some rest. it has been a long journey. and, she needed the stars to guide her way.
water fairy ploughed on, despite the creepy silence, along the still waters that are as reflective as freshly wiped mirrors. carefully she lifted a drop of dew on a small white daisy and tasted it lightly. dawn is near and time is leaking away, she sensed it. at this instant, she heard a drop of water trickle and saw a mist shrouds a treeling near the end of the stream. could this small tree be the one she seeks?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

time for a battle soon?
i guess.

passion ceases to be the crux,
time for determination and perseverance to take over.

long route ahead.

stallion; i'm sure she would be a very fine one -
and, i'll name her Charlotte.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

this morning, november woke up to a wet morning.
there's nothing more she love waking up to,
other than the refreshing scent of rain.

its seems eons since october
last went to the library to live in a story.

she miss this feeling so much.

october chaired the last meeting.
people who were at the table simply didn't know where to draw the line.

they may know how october works,
but they are totally clueless about october's thoughts.

yeah. say that again.