"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Monday, May 14, 2007

aww... i am simply in love with my friendly neighbour!!! haha yeah! tobey maguire rocks!!! and yup... spidey 3 was a nice movie!!! just that the first 2 movies were such a hit that spidey 3 sort of met the great expectation but its just getting harder for it to exceed that tall benchmark it set for itself and take me by surprise (like the first 2 movies did). the first is still my favourite... the intense and great changes spidey had to cope with still leaves an intriguing impression in my mind... the 2nd movie was simply captivating and intoxicating especially when he had to stop that train... aww...

seriously cannot imagine another person playing peter parker's role other than tobey maguire... he is too woven and linked with spidey for me... its just like he was born to act spidey... haha. ok yeah sheer biasness. fine. i just love tobey maguire what says you? all along batman and superman are always changing actors and they did not manage to draw me as deeply as this spidey has...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

whoever said that being a butterfly is definitely better than a caterpillar? simply because a butterfly is so beautiful doesn't necessary mean that its life as a caterpillar was any pathetic and meaningless ok?! how would you know since you are not it? but how would i know since i'm not it too?! ...maybe changes come naturally to all living things as time pass by. but if a caterpillar were given the chance to choose, would it rather remain as a caterpillar in face with all the pretty butterflies around it? and what if a butterfly gets to choose too... will it and can it be a simple caterpillar again after all that it has seen once it got its wings? what will it see? definitely more than what a caterpillar sees? but will what it faces after the change be worth the choice? what if the choice is irreversible and the chance to choose only comes once? to take a venture and may so live a life of regret thereafter or remain the same and keep thinking about the "what ifs" if it had made the other choice? what will your choice be?

is it really possible to stay the same person you are? ...and when people all around you changes... will things ever be the same again even when you refuse to change? what if you lose track of the real sense of being yourself if you keep changing all the time and one day gets too tired to stay the same anymore? staying the same requires so much effort and more than your decision... it so depended on whether your environment allows you to... whether you come to terms with the balancing point and whether you are able balance this point with people around you. why, i didn't like people to be hard on themselves and change to please me but neither do i like it the other way round too... can't we just find someone who are more or less like us and at the same time prefers to stay more or less the same for us and for themselves too?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

fantasy ~ a form of escapism? used to think people who like to escape from reality for long period of time are rather weak... but perhaps a while of escapism may be good afterall. it does help to take our mind off certain stuffs that may otherwise press us so hard and leave us breathless at the end of the day and at the same time nothing conclusive comes out of our incessant thinking on the matter. maybe some things really shouldn't be hurried and worried too much for. feels much more ready for reality now. :)