"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

draw a circle on a pristine beach,
to confine yourself within.
then, step out.

it is still the same beach,
with the circle still on the sand,
and, you are still you.

the world outside the circle hasn't change a bit.

eventually, its is us who have the ability to confine ourselves to stay within non-physical boundaries. yet, we are also the ones who could free ourselves from it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

a bubble and a fish

once upon a time, a small fish lived in a shiny and pretty bubble.

people outside the bubble worried for the little fish. some feared the bursting of her small little bubble one day, while others felt sad for her, for in their minds all they saw was a trapped fish.

but in truth, our dear little fish never really minded. because only she could see the world through her small little bubble, how special! and, she was rather pleased with everything she saw, for they were beautiful. though again she can never be sure if the vibrant colours were from the world itself or her special little bubble.

but she don't really need to know, does she?

there are times where she would wonder quietly what would happen if she ever bump into another bubble one day.

once, she tried crossing a thin bridge spanned across a valley, and it was then when she finally realised that there are just some things that will remain complicated and tough, whether u are inside or outside a bubble.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what are the chances of 2 persons who don't know the existence of each other finding each other on this very same earth at the very same time?

what are the chances of them meeting, if 1 chooses to hide?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

... characters of the exact scene can tell so much sometimes.

on the stage, some play a character out of fun, some play it to help a friend. some simply play it to see how certain character suffers according to the scriptwriter.

some gets thrown into the act unprepared, others think of ways to get onto the stage. some play it willingly, some think for a long while to decide whether he/she will sink too deep into the play.

some wonder if some characters are really as simple as they look. some question the effects on the audience and each character after the play.

resounding applause -

what comes after the drawing of the curtain (for each character)?

what an interesting play. isn't life the stage and things that happen to us different acts of changing scenes? interesting play. what marvellous actors and actresses have we - or are we?
story of a small leaf...

once, a small leaf fell into the waters.
it thought nothing changed except that it was wet, on one side.
yet it didn't see the ripples beneath its back.
and hence, it didn't know where they will reach -

if they would cross paths with other ripples or, stop somewhere.

the small leaf didn't know, hence it did not wonder.
it remains contented,
just lying on the waters and being a small leaf.

what ignorant small leaf,
what a blissful small leaf!

Monday, February 9, 2009

initially, the graph of self awareness followed the trend y = 0.1x. however, after a certain point along the x-axis (age), the graph became an exponential function. and i denote this critical point of transition by (self-centredness, selfishness). its formula being "everything is about me, period."

irritatingly, you observe that its the same case with everyone (most people) around you. and even more annoyingly, you realised your own graph is beginning to shape like this as well. and you totally detest this actual becoming of this type of "someone" whom you never liked and would never want to become. argh. totally (O_0) annoyed and irritated.

thank god for the certain few good souls around me that are not like this and don't make me feel like this either. whenever did voicing out become so important to people all of a sudden? why do i feel such a strong distaste to be around people who always speak but seldom listen? could it be because i am also one of them, hence the existence of 2 dominant species?

yet i can still feel the sense of harmonised comfort when that few good souls are around me - our turns to talk and listen are simply so well balanced? i don't really want to listen, therefore i do not want to speak. or perhaps, i don't really want to speak to you, therefore i don't want to listen to you?

but why the want for a response or an acknowledgment? why is it so important to be heard? because you can't find the right person to give you 99% of the right responses you expect to get? perhaps i am biased because i had always been listened to. yet why are there just some people you simply enjoy listening to and sharing with? affinity? play of emotions, mood?

how exactly do you stay unbiased and non-judgmental towards individual speakers? still find this extremely challenging and tiring - to be a nice and good person and at the same time stay true to your thoughts and feelings. sometimes, somehow the guilt following your want for being carefree without attachment just wears you out. can one ever get the right balance, and, even if one does get it one day, will happiness then be guaranteed?

life is about.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

on the wall there was a tiny little crack. if u paid enough attention, it will be spotted. but similar walls were everywhere, and the walls just keep getting taller so that they can feel the wind and that so other walls will not block them. it ended up with every single wall becoming taller and taller, constantly being blocked by other walls and blocking other walls - yet they are essentially still the very same wall (with cracks) that conceal but doesn't protects. what strange walls! what dark cloth it was covered with!

atop a lonely mountain i stand -
reflections in the flakes of snow.
mirror my emotions - blank and nought!

if i had yelled would anyone hear me?
if i yell, what would my echo say?
heareth now.

silence then, silence now.

cold snowy white mountain top,
an ailing sweet rose lay.
what chilling wind!
how cold the night.
still as dead, petals danced.

weird beings,
heareth of the wordless voice.
heareth hard -
for my heart's longing -
the soft cotton wool shrouded by large floating clouds.

as i wonder
as i thought
that nothing and nothing
from nothing to nothing
through nothing but nothing.

so will the stillwater flow,
so will the river run.

so will i be claimed.

silence then,
silence now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

water faerie took a slow walk by the river one night. she saw a few stars shining ever so brightly across the milky way and stopped by the riverbank. the river glistered silently, reflecting rays of soft moon light from the quiet crescent hanging in the dark sky. her little rabbit friend popped its head out from among the bushes and hopped gracefully onto her lap as she sat herself gently on the grass.

this rabbit was to her, a truly special one. it was as if she felt a connection with it the first time she carried it. and whenever she was with it, no words need to to be said. they could sit like this for hours - if there ever were a time concept in her land at all! yet strangely, this particular night, her heart started humming a song, one that contained a distant memory which she knew she could never recall, because of the promise. "but it must have been a beautiful one." she whispered to herself, that she was certain. and that promise which she had to keep, why couldn't she remember a thing about it at all?

though so, the very next moment, our ever-so-impromptu and slightly mischievous little water faerie, (whose mind is constantly filled with thousands of creative ideas), bounced up from where she was, and invited her special rabbit for a dance. she then raised her right hand to the darkness, and drew a thin line with her fingers, joining the brightest star across the sky (at this very hour) to her special rabbit. she closed her eyes and made a silent wish. and when she opened her eyes once more, she saw him.

just then, a music begins to play itself, and they began their dance - dancing like no one is watching - because there really is no one watching (or so thought our little water faerie). their sliding was graceful, and occasionally a couple of delightful turns and swirls. and little water faerie wondered hard at this familiar dancer leading her along the riverbank. it was as though she ever danced like this before with him. but where? when? his smile felt so dear. yet the memory just slips away each time she tried to hold on. why... after frowning for a while, she finally decided that now should not be the time to think, for in this place, you never know how long the magic will last. so she closed her eyes and followed his lead, and they danced away, into the night.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

love thursdays. u simply lose track of time when u are doing something u truly enjoy, whether u are good at it or not doesn't really matter anymore...