"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

water faerie took a slow walk by the river one night. she saw a few stars shining ever so brightly across the milky way and stopped by the riverbank. the river glistered silently, reflecting rays of soft moon light from the quiet crescent hanging in the dark sky. her little rabbit friend popped its head out from among the bushes and hopped gracefully onto her lap as she sat herself gently on the grass.

this rabbit was to her, a truly special one. it was as if she felt a connection with it the first time she carried it. and whenever she was with it, no words need to to be said. they could sit like this for hours - if there ever were a time concept in her land at all! yet strangely, this particular night, her heart started humming a song, one that contained a distant memory which she knew she could never recall, because of the promise. "but it must have been a beautiful one." she whispered to herself, that she was certain. and that promise which she had to keep, why couldn't she remember a thing about it at all?

though so, the very next moment, our ever-so-impromptu and slightly mischievous little water faerie, (whose mind is constantly filled with thousands of creative ideas), bounced up from where she was, and invited her special rabbit for a dance. she then raised her right hand to the darkness, and drew a thin line with her fingers, joining the brightest star across the sky (at this very hour) to her special rabbit. she closed her eyes and made a silent wish. and when she opened her eyes once more, she saw him.

just then, a music begins to play itself, and they began their dance - dancing like no one is watching - because there really is no one watching (or so thought our little water faerie). their sliding was graceful, and occasionally a couple of delightful turns and swirls. and little water faerie wondered hard at this familiar dancer leading her along the riverbank. it was as though she ever danced like this before with him. but where? when? his smile felt so dear. yet the memory just slips away each time she tried to hold on. why... after frowning for a while, she finally decided that now should not be the time to think, for in this place, you never know how long the magic will last. so she closed her eyes and followed his lead, and they danced away, into the night.

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