"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

you just want it all.
you run, afraid of looking back.
you don't want any regrets in your reflection,
yet you feel sad thinking about an empty memory lane.

does the guilt of hurting others frighten you?
or you're just protecting yourself a little too hard?
those "might-have-beens" replaced by the "wish-it-was"s.
let's all fly to the future and skip the "now".

if things were meant to happen, they would.
but what if this's just an excuse you overuse?
the only person who could save you is yourself,
or so you believed.

perhaps you've lived in your secluded world a little too long.
just a little too long.
but i know,
you'll still be in there for quite some time.

you've been feeling perfectly fine, for quite a while.
you see nothing wrong, and you might just wonder,
if you ever will.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

mad man in the city,
he whispers to the wind.
the wind carries his words softly away,
he follows.

his mind is so far away,
he can't hear you, when you call his name.
his heart is so trapped,
its lost its way, shrouded by thickets of thistles.

he can tell you how he feels,
but he can't show you where he is.
his suffocating spirit, the dimming light in his eyes.

you pause for that moment,
you feel sorry.
these mad men in the city,
do they meet somewhere?

"amidst a pile of contradictions, what do you mean to me?
after all i've been, what should i say?
life building on decay,
decaying decadence of your love."

far far away from the human world,
little fish took a little peek from her little corner.

those vows she saw, pretty like flowers,
their petals they fade fast away.

ridding oneself of the melancholy in ones's somber, and, sobering up,
floaters undefined, floating without an anchor,
or any preferrences for directions for that matter.


yet, the single most fearful thing,
lies in the losing of the rein on one's heart.

for the it is easily blinded, made bold, then flies far and loses its way.

and memories then,
can be hauntingly bittersweet.

Friday, September 9, 2011

let go, said she.
she did not budge.
come, said she.
she did not want to leave.
"say something" she nudged.
but she really did not know what to say!
"don't look back, don't even look anywhere at all", she whispered.
she disappeared right beneath the water ripples.
there, she's done saying her piece.
she heard.
but she just would not let herself get too close to the river.
its easy, she thought you'd say.
but, it was just never you.
so, it was just no point at all.