"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

the wily fox, a quiet dog and a circling eagle.

the wily fox strolled alongside the wooden fence, while the silent dog sat and watched.
the wily fox pondered about the silent dog, its eyes seem to hide more than what they revealed.
the silent dog followed its gaze, letting nothing slip.
all these while the eagle circled the sky, capturing everything, and nothing.
everything and nothing.

the owl closes its eyes. night falls.
tame the peacock, raise the dove.
find the eagle, ride the wind.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

好像缺了一块 再拼不回来
再不存在 比空白更空白
每一次我想起来 其实你都还在
蓝色悲哀 流过我的静脉
我不要爱我不要爱 可是我离不开
假面的告白 不坦白的坦白
你不会爱你不会爱 你只爱接受爱
眼睛睁不开 看不到未来 也哭不出来

被时间活埋 从盛开到腐坏然后爱
从洁白到苍白 从苍白到尘埃
我想离开我想离开 可是我还期待
假面的告白 对自己不坦白
你不会爱你不会爱 你害怕接受爱
把两手张开 抓不到未来
抓不到未来 有你的未来

好像碎了一块 再补不回来
再不存在 比空白更空白
每一次我想起来 其实你都还在
浓的悲哀 化不开

Saturday, September 18, 2010

a white rose sat, elegantly on her table.
she looks at the rose,
t'was faintly scented
she loved it.

it was such a simple white rose,
it may not be grand nor brightly coloured,
it may not be costly nor unobtainable,
but it was a special rose nonetheless.

a rose that tells her what she already knew,
that a child will always have a special place
in her mother's heart.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the girl in the yellow raincoat.

pitter patter, titter tatter, slitter slatter, drip and drop.
one step two steps, three steps four steps,
the small lady hops amongst the tiny raindrops.

flitter flatter flutter flotter,
with each step, water splashes.
splitter splatter splutter splotter.
she smells the rain, she feels the rain.

she flings her little umbrella to the greyish skies,
and her little hoodie to the back of her mind,
along with the little nagging troubles.

round the lamp post stand,
she swirled and spun.
beneath the dark gloomy clouds,
she wished she could run.

somewhere faraway,
where she'd always be able to fit,
into this little yellow raincoat of hers,
and never outgrow it.

though time is timeless,
the little girl is not.
sizzle sazzle, suzzle sozzle,
the rain gentled...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

beneath the waning moon.

beneath the waning moon,

there i sat, still as the creepers climbing up the tree.
there the leaves swayed, by the night's cool breeze,
there the wind wept, moved by the silent moon.
there the glistening shimmer of your reflection lay,
in that flowing river, out, to the horizon.
there you stood, not knowing my gaze.

once, i wondered if you are really there,
then i awake to find the tears still here.