"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the girl in the yellow raincoat.

pitter patter, titter tatter, slitter slatter, drip and drop.
one step two steps, three steps four steps,
the small lady hops amongst the tiny raindrops.

flitter flatter flutter flotter,
with each step, water splashes.
splitter splatter splutter splotter.
she smells the rain, she feels the rain.

she flings her little umbrella to the greyish skies,
and her little hoodie to the back of her mind,
along with the little nagging troubles.

round the lamp post stand,
she swirled and spun.
beneath the dark gloomy clouds,
she wished she could run.

somewhere faraway,
where she'd always be able to fit,
into this little yellow raincoat of hers,
and never outgrow it.

though time is timeless,
the little girl is not.
sizzle sazzle, suzzle sozzle,
the rain gentled...