"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the third perspective, the one fish holds.
the other world, the one fish lives and swims in.
and only that few will ever reach her…

why fish are prone to injury and getting hurt simply by being themselves.

1. they exist emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively more than intellectually. (what a self-destructive trait to begin with.)

2. being the sign of altruism and compassion, they are ultra-sensitive to the needs of other people and are sincerely more concerned with the problems of others rather than their own. in fact, when they see someone suffering, they identify with it so closely, it feels as if it is happening to them, making it impossible for them to say no to anyone in trouble. never egotistical in their personal relationships and give more than they ask for from their friends. extremely accepting and forgiving, they are often being taken advantage of. few signs would be as willing to forgo personal pleasure on behalf of another. yet all this giving can wear out a pisces over time and sometimes they simply don't know how to stop giving. (yes. sadly, yes. why? how come? how to stop giving? how? when you keep feeling for the others, who would never feel the same way for you when you need them to understand. why?)

3. they are popular with all kinds of people, partly because of their easy going and affectionate nature which offer no threat or challenge to the stronger or more outgoing types. accepting of the people around them and the circumstances in which they find themselves in rather than trying to change others. (why does it sound as if i’m simply paving a red carpet on myself and inviting people to step on and all over me? how not to want to hide under a banana leaf and get away from it all? haix.)

4. they do not like to be confined; especially when feeling vulnerable, therefore one of the best healing tonics for them generally is just being alone and escaping the day-to-day stress grind. (YES!!! YES!! by the sea. by the waters, by herself. ALONE!!! YES, ALONE!!! now you see why. just her and her alone, or with people who really, can see from her eyes, understand her, and support her, and not anyone or any random friend, really!)

5. they can be easily discouraged, feel despondent and unappreciated, causing them to move on to something or someone else, and always searching for that safe harbor they can call home. (yes. safe, calm and peaceful waters where fish feels protected… fish would not ask for anything more.)

6. they have trouble staying grounded in the material, physical reality because their minds are usually in the clouds. many of them are definitely escapists, but it is their secret weapon in this harsh world - they need to create their own reality when life gets too hard to take on, by losing themselves in a good book or movie. (yes, the only way out is simply deluding ourselves with the existence of another ideal world, somewhere where only we know the way to.)

7. when under stress, all they want to do is hide, hoping reality will disappear or magically mend itself. the last thing they need - major obligations and responsibilities to others. (cannot be more apt, and cannot get more true. but people simply won't get this on their own and fish simply cannot bring herself to tell them. see how crappy this thing can get for this fish over here.)

8. having two fish swimming in opposite directions - one upstream to the divine and the other downstream towards the material and physical, but bound together by a cord - the dilemma, one of the stormy seas for pisces, who are all too aware of both directions but are slightly more comfortable in the spiritual/creative realm than in the physical one. each time a decision comes up, all twelve avenues of expression must be considered for the pisces, which can be a very, overwhelming dilemma indeed. (preceisely. just exactly how should one decide if she can see the big picture and the stories from all the different sides?)

9. being a deeply philosophical sign, money does not motivate them as much as self-expression and creativity does. almost always have large and beautiful eyes which mirror their feelings openly. their doorway to the soul - who better to have eyes so deep and wide that looking into them makes one feels as if one could be be hypnotized by them? (hmm. yes to mirror-ing feelings openly, no to the mystical hypnotizing powers leh.)

10. they are incurable romantics period. in the right relationship, this can be a fairy tale union and in a wrong one, a nightmare because they can’t let go immediately. unfortunately easily misled by the fantasy of romantic love and then later become disappointed by the reality of an everyday, unromantic relationship. yet intensely loyal and home-loving and will remain faithful. emotionally, pisces like to hold and comfort others and to be a container for others as much as they are looking to merge and be contained by their soul mate. they believe in soul mate, and will never give up their search... (seriously, what are the odds? see, again this is going to be pain, pain and more pain.)

11. they are capable of loving and accepting totally and unconditionally, until others prove them wrong, and even that won’t convince them right away. “i believe.”. if ever there was a sign to dream the impossible dream, it's pisces! show the other signs how it's done! (haha. yes. can simply be done in another world, or with some difficulty in this world… if we somehow manage to survive with the load of things on our plates.)