"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

possibility... by tiffany alvord
comments... by me.

i look at you, you look at me (but you probably look at everyone anyways.)
i look away, so you can't see
i'm dreamin of you
and you don't even know, you don't even know (i think)

that i'm fallin madly in love ('falling madly for' maybe, 'love' still a bit too intensed lah huh.)
with you, with you
and i wish that you were going
crazy for me too (which i highly doubt so.)

and i sit alone in the darkest night
my heart is pounding and i wonder why (i know why, i just don't know how it all began.)
why am i invisible, why can't you see (ok i am not invisible and you are not physically blind, so of course you'll see... just in a different way.)
i am in love with you (too intense lah, i don't even know anything about you apart from you being unreadable and a pro hider.)
are you in love with me? (don't think so.)

you show some signs, but i'm not sure (i don't even think you meant them as signs...)
it's a secret love, and you're the cure (cure. hmm. but there's also the possibility of falling even more ill...)
i just need to know
what you think about me, about me (more like a want to know. but not gonna happen.)

don't you think that maybe you and me
could be a possibility (well, if the term 'miracle' exists, there must be some possibility. then again the word 'impossibility' exists too. hmm...)
i just wish that baby you could see, you could see (actually don't exactly know what's there to see basically. haha)

need some air,
need to fight this moonlight.
don't want to lose,
don't want to fall in.
trying hard to steer clear.
don't want to be at your mercy.

its not supposed to be like this.
like how you manage to make me feel.
like how you creep into my mind,
and appear in my thoughts so silently and randomly.
like how you brighten up my world just by being near.

but just how can i dim those lights?
if i close my eyes and turn away,
my mind wanders back.
and each time we cross each others' paths,
i'll have to do this all over again.

its tiring trying to breakaway,
its tiring staying stuck.
its a losing game of squash either way.
so how on earth did i enrol myself in this mess in the first place?

need to swim away.
need to swim away from you.
from this desirable,irresistable and distant you.
this you whom i simply can never reach.

because 'unreachability' is detrimental for a fish,
who seeks peaceful, calm and safe waters,
who seeks simple happiness,
who seeks the one who would feel the same way for her.