"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

never ever felt happier yesterday at my 21st birthday celeb. truly truly amazing. all my loved ones really made me feel so special and loved. sometimes words can describe a lot but not tell much. my nan hua si3 dang3 really did their wonders one more time... never fail to surprise me time and again and give me the warmth that really fills my heart completely. they are like family hosting and saikang-ing whole day and night for me. i never knew things would be so amazing, wonderful and beyond my wildest imagination. just wanna say i really really really love all of you!!!!!!!!! hehe... despite all the cake smashing, sauce splashing and dunking me into the swimming pool (but i got all of them in eventually... so.... hehe) love every single moment yesterday!!!

love the way meow (log head aka head of saikang for yaya's bdae committee) stood beside me, never failing to give me encouragement and cheer me up admist all the busy prep. love the way teobei cuts the fried egg for my beehoon. love her for her music supply. love the way sj played the violin for me from lvl 2 as pq draws open the curtain and show me the most most beautiful dream house (i've ever ever seen) she did for me. love the fact that all of them did so much handmade stuff despite err time constraints. love all the effort and hard sweat presents everyone did for me. love everyone. love god for all good things come from him. love every single blessings in my life. its a lovely day (and night). a super pleasant surprise.

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