"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

too much of too much,
too little of too little.
too much of too little,
too little of too much.
just nice. contented. happiness. at this very moment.

one can't retain happiness forever,
but one can remember one was once very happy, truly happy.
a moment like this is.

list of ppl to thank on boxing day & for post-yaya/huijun/cecilia/ceci-just-turned-21 bday party 2008:

1. Daddy and Mummy:
for giving this precious life to me and for the past 21 years never making me feel a moment of being alone and unloved. for trying their best to give me everything i now have. for everything they sacrificed knowingly or instinctively.

2. I am genuinely amazed by my blessings' creative juices and effort. i can really feel it guys, really.

nanhua si3 dang3 aka dedicated member of the saikang committee...
for the 4 of you: i think one thing that i truly feel very special is the fact that i felt that during the party you guys are not the invited participants but my zi4 ji3 ren2, helping to host and run the whole thing for me and yet never fail to surprise me. PQ, you rocked at dispersing leftover food and mopping floor sia.. queen of clearing-up-aftermath.. though most of the mess came from you. meow and teobei, how come its always the small-sized ppl who so you3 li4?! SJ and teobei, i know lugging 5 kg of ice and mango puddings from IMM is not exctly a light chore. meow and SJ, sorry for making you guys run ard to get the drinks and err the sparklers that in the end i never play. wahaha. and ya, one more thing i love - to see all of you zi4 yuan4 jump into the pool and get wet and then hurried out cos scared security guard catch. the part where like you guys start taking out your valuables and surrending to my mom before jumping into the pool is so funny. interestingly memorable. yup.

meow: for the gift: though haven't err officially recieve full package of your err big big gift yet, but i know ur ultra large production probably zapped up more than like the whole year of your own time when you could have used it for other stuff. for the party: without your erm... analysis and encouragement to all my insecurities and sian-ness throughout the planning stage, i probably would have dismissed this idea and perhaps totally not knowing what i missed out. for everything else, i think you know what i wanna tell you le. 3 words.

pq: i truly truly never expect your hou4 li3 seriously and honestly. i also didn't suspect your disappearing act when the rest were at my place during the pre-party preparation... i really thought it was school work. i am really touched lah. for your present, your time, your effort, your sweat and your hou4 ai4. for knowing me, for knowing how important a home and family is to me - i also want you to know that friends like you are equally irreplaceble in my definition of happiness in my future.

sj: i truly truly love your violin playing and the whole effect y0u and PQ arranged for me during the cutting of my cake, it is truly amazing. your card is ultra pretty and super you3 xin1 and side track a bit, i just dun get how my violin ends up at chevrons when i never see you with it since we met... and i also love the fact that you jumped into the pool willingly knowing that you didn't came with any clothes. you rocked hard.

teobei: haha. love to see you arrive earliest at my place and start saikang-ing. love the egg you cut for my bee hoon seriously. they seem to add another taste to things... a taste called effort and warmth. love the music ambience your forty bucks speakers created. your mp3 songs. your daring first venture to tell me the cake smells a bit funny and then you know the rest. love to see you running around technically and practically the most during the party. love you for letting me push you into the pool with me too :P

the rest of my nanhua jie3 meiz4... friendship is a sweet journey
really thanks for coming... and when pushing me into the pool, you guys really reminded me of the fun and crazy secondary school days we had together... those days i truly enjoyed every single one of them. heard some requests here and there to ask me to remain childish and then some telling me to be more mature... haiz. so mafan and confusing. but since you guys know me so long le, prob can guess that i'll remain like this for many many years down the road ba... too bad if you find this irritating :P this year's trend from you guys seem to hint that i am sweet (thanks) but i think you guys are truly the sugars responsible for the sweet tastes and days of my life. love you guys. stay sweet and... friendship with you guys is indeed a sweet journey.

once a saintz... WHY - my favourite jue2 dui4 superband of the year and many more to come!
WHY band ROCKS! you guys know who i am talking about. i want your autographs!!! haha. you
guys damn well unexpectedly stunningly surprised me lah. so quiet quiet then did such a big project for me... seriously you all ah... the MTV and production video simply left me speechless (i almost died laughing on my bed) and wt: your mom very ke3 ai4. her erm special appearance is not arranged right? the songs rocked. if you guys become famous and cut album nxt time dun forget me hor. wt: help me thank your sis too!!! i think you all really very very cool lah, the whole idea and how much time and effort you all spend on the whole thing. i really love everything about it. this is the most most unique one and only and special album i ever had. it is simply priceless and i will definitely zhen1 xi1 it. love you all!!!

estab since 1998/mk & pxh: i'm still waiting lor.... haiz!!! but heard from my mom the preview to my present from you 2 looks promising?... hmmm. haha. mk: thanks for sai-kanging as my professional photographer!!! pxh... why you come so late and miss my speech huh? hahz. but glad you stayed till 4am playing mahjong :P hope you guys had fun!

there are simply too much to be mentioned...
to all my friends whom i don't always get to meet up or those i just knew last year, i am truly grateful for all your presence at my party and all the presents you guys got.

my 2 meiz: thanks for staying till so late though got attachment the next day and you 2 are really like 2 small angels to me :)

my wanna-tiao4-hai3 bridge partner/makan khaki
: mindy!!! fellow twenty-one-ian! thanks for coming and your prez!!! (though no crab for you to peel during my party) wahaha!

csa (2nd family):

iggy... i heard you smashed me cake too?? you be careful the next time we meet ok!!! oh, and nick: sorry for erm you sitting around and not doing anything and kena-ing a piece of cake i presumed was meant for me. haha. thanks all of you guys for adding so much noise and fun to my party. though we know each other less than a year, glad you guys came and yup. hope all of you had fun :p

oiz...fellow freshiez (haiz... cun use this term in another few more months...)
heyz. sorries din get to talk to you guys much. err... hope my crazy friends didn't stun you guys too much. hee.
: cecelia/cecila/cecilia??? thanks for the card and erm - at least you got my name spelled correctly there. haha... i assume nxt yr you will eventually get my name right right? but i really really appreciate it oki? haha. :D luv ya loads too (i'm not les either):P !!! luv ya really.
tiff/roomie/groupie: i thank god for you too. the rest i guess you'd know since we think so similarly. :P
pretty isis: i'll try not to stress myself... haha :D luv ya too sis! so glad you are back in foc subcom :P stay perpeptually high.
anne: hehe... i really enjoyed talking to you that nite too... so must talk more in future ok? i think talking more really brings people closer somehow... coming foc i think got a lot of chance :P
josh/dean/jon: really thanks for coming and all ur prez and cards!!! hee. jon help me thank your friend andy again ok? thx!

see you guys soon... lisc / any subcom meetings anyway we are in most of them anyways :)

bs peeps
: thanks so much for the effort to hand make stuff despite busy tuts, lects and lab reports. i can foresee you guys' alternative career paths - bakery and accessory shops owners-to-be/made-to-order cards for all occasion avail.

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