"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Friday, March 9, 2012

deep-seated sorrow, perhaps not?
bittersweet melancholy - its always been so.
when she loses her steering wheel,
so wrong. so right. so what's left?

both so overly independent,
both so used to doing things on their own.
both so skilled at concealment.

she knows not why or how,
she simply knows she misses him,
and her heart softly ached thinking of the time she could have spent beside him.

but as usual, nobody knew how much she really liked him.
that all her thoughts of him were a little short of tormenting.

deep beneath her nonchalance and calmess,
lies the silent wish that he would rush to her side,
that he would hold her hand and asks her not to leave his side.

but fairytales are not meant to exist in real life anyway.
silly girl, one who had never forgotten this,
but still choose to believe in them.
can you get any sillier?

tell him, but she never would,
for she knows not what he thinks.
and she never will, for he will always be so mysterious and remain this ninja-like in her heart.

although March is coming to an end,
his every move shall be etched in her mind,
for a long long time.

mr quiet guy,
i like you so.
so very much indeed.
but i don't think you'll ever know,
this ninja side of me.