"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

 gong xin ji.... fish simply cannot find a reason to not fall for the emperor lee yi (portrayed by chen hao). he is far too nice a character le lah. ahhh... so nice until fish is slightly angry at the scriptwriter for giving her such a nice big bubble, only to be poked when she finished the show. argh. why on earth did they include the gao xian yang character? see lah, now liu san hao cannot be with the emperor lee yi. argh! how very irritating *angry. fine, but its just a show and such a nice and wonderful person does not exist on earth. ok, so tvb-addict fish should wake up. wake up! nonetheless, chen hao still rocks!!! wahaha.
side point, but realised this weird fish here appears to have a soft spot for most of the actors who are not that young, (oppz!) but who are all very charismatic, and at the same time manage to give a her feeling of 'depth'. in addition, she also cannot help but fall for those characters who really loved another character so much more than they love themselves, to the point that unrequitted love does not matter as long as the other party found his/her happiness. perhaps this scene is far too unrealistic in real life, so a piscean has to feed on this realm in shows. haix... hopelessly idealistic tvb-addict fish...

in fact, a review of her three favourite actors... the first two actors had attracted her by the characters they portrayed... both of whom were really really really very nice people in the show. there's gallen loh from tian di hao qing and chuang shi ji, and also lin feng from zai sheng yuan. and finally, her most favourite actor at the moment ~ chen hao!!! ... this one was somewhat most special to her because she had first liked him for his role in luo shen, as a really really nasty character. though his role as jingkeng in feng wu xiang luo simply swept this tvb-addict fish away, his role in gong xin ji simply made fish want to marry this suave emperor lee yi... as in the character in the show. chen hao's eyes are simply mesmerising in gong xin ji plus he really exudes the air of kingship... most importantly, the way he loved liu san hao is simply.... haix! speechless.

those scriptwriters, really enjoy taking things to the max. the evil ones are so evil (and smart) you have no choice but to applaud their schemes while the nice people are simply nice until its beyond your comprehension, such that i, the audience feels a bit extreme-fied by gong xin ji. but i was really really sad at the end of the show leh, (even though it seems like at least liu san hao and gao xian yang can be together, and its good)... but lee yi is the only nice person who did not find his happiness eh! ...all those whom he loved or love him either died or left him. while he stood by the walls of the palace watching san hao leave, i was hoping all the time for her to turn back and return to his side lah! all the way until she found someone who resembled xian yang in her hometown, my heart simply went out to emperor lee yi... despite being such a nice emperor, why is he still alone and by himself at the end of the day? when all he ever did was simply for the common good of his people, where is the happiness that he deserved? *argh.. irritating scriptwriters... why so unfair to him. haix. i like him eh. not fair. :(

oh, forgot to mention about my favourite actresses in tvb... i think there's only 2 so far whom i like... the first one was kenix kwok ke ying from chuang shi ji.... i guess i liked her mainly for her character, while the second one whom i really really liked was yeung yi!!! (tavia yeung). i remembered noticing her as a second degree actress in her earlier shows, but had liked her since then.... she's someone whom i thought really has the potential for both evil and nice roles. now that she's become a first degree actress, i am so happy for her!!! hehe. :D