"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Sunday, April 19, 2009


you will only know because you don't feel yourself. yet you are looking for the feeling that you can be yourself. what if you never want to feel this conlfict once again and all you want is to omit both feelings and stay yourself? outright conflicting. nah, not really. what you simply seek is either to continue rowing your boat across the peaceful and calm waters or strength enough to sail through storms to come. peaceful and calm waters suits me real fine.

maybe in trying not to lead in the wrongway, you have already decided its best to be alone on the quest. the view just keeps getting wider as you begin comprehending more... and then you realised the only way to simplicity lies in being alone and minimising unpredictability. indeed, everyone has his or her prized moment of enlightenment and clarity.

a butterfly whose wings will never come close to brushing against any flowers or shrubs, for it neither wants to sadden the flower it rested on with its departure nor stay on it, and yet thinks about the white rose somewhere faraway, which no one has heard of. the butterfly simply seeks to complete its quest on its own.

timing has always been crucial, yet its never meant to be planned or manipulated by man. and its only truly right when you feel so, with no planning elements involved. there are some who lost due to hesitation, some due to miscalculation. perhaps what they have lost, they were meant to lose. some gained unexpectedly because the timing was right. yet, perhaps what they have gained were meant to be theirs since the start.

there are some things that you know for sure the timing will be right one day.
there are some things that you know there'll never come a time which is right.

turn around and walk away
til time truly washes all away
and when you're feeling all's afresh
there you begin once again


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