"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

existence of the abstract existence.

what exactly is the evidence to prove existence exists? memory? flawed. since everyone remembers things differently, as with the way they look at them. even more flawed if existence is distant, since a large part ends up relying even more on the way of and the different people who interpret the very memory.

so let's say if trust varies proportionally with the consistency of memory, which varies consistently with the number of people remembering anyone or anything in particular (that has ever existed before), then, if we don't trust humanity then we can never trust the concept of the existence of anything outside our time frame and space dimension totally.

and so, if you ever have forever in your hand, you can actually create the existence of infinite 'anyone's and 'anything's as long as you are able to alter memory. so essentially, memory is so easy to mistrust, easier than anything else in the world? taking into consideration the fact that human beings are not exactly the most trustworthy species to start with.

then again, given time frame restrictions, what might be the point of ensuring and remembering the 'existence' of someone or something seriously, if there is no way to change or undo anything about them in the first place? history.

i am never less-fasincated with it no matter. the ultimate source of some truly wonderful and exciting stories and imaginations, and which never have to really come true to bring amazement, fun and even joy to the ones creating them as well as the ones listening to them. most of the time though, the more you are able to believe such stories and imgainations can exist, the more enjoyment you derive.

why is escapism necessarily bad if it brings nothing but a moment of sheer happiness? no one said that happiness has to be eternal or else it would be useless, for the very group of people who said that, they probably would have contradicted their very selves immediately?

if we can dream something into existence, by working really hard at it, then can we dream a person into existence too? or it hugely hinges on our interpretation? i.e. if certain dreams are able to exist in reality, so let's assume that we believe very hard in the existence of a soulmate, our very own soulmate. would then the person really exists?

and then what if i earnestly believe in his existence, yet i also sincerely believe that we will never meet? can something or someone that doesn't exist be as important or more important to us than any random person who already exists in our life, simply beause of the very notion of hope he brings along with him?

like so many things,
so many things exist.
i realised that i don't need to meet my soulmate to make sure he exists.
i just need to know he does and he will.

neither am i sure i'll ever want to meet him
for we are all born simple and content.

trading in the certainty of never finding yourself complete again if we ever lose each other one day just to feel what completeness is, is just requiring more courage than i think i have. serendipity, nonetheless. life is larger than finding our soulmate? just like the concept of happiness coming in more than one form.

rich and complete happiness versus the simpler happiness, perhaps for now, i'd want nothing else except the simpler. if we were never offered options, would we really stay happy the way we had been till forever?

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