"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, March 8, 2008

one. life is simply so err... exciting and full of amazing happenings. in short, its just not too far from what we read or see in movies' and stories' plots basically... at least it appears so for me. hmmm... so fun and sometimes, really quite funny. interesting and a lot of things can really happen within a short period of time. :) re-affirmed that seriously. hehe

two. it is really possible that we can stun ourselves. i used to so doubt that saying lah... now gotta eat my own words. but i also must pat myself on the head (and maybe shoulder too) for whatever i did... just this week already got 2 things that can make me raise my own eyebrows very high at myself le. wahaha. a secret between me, myself and i. :D however, still must remind myself not to drink coffee too often in the wee hours... its always the case when adrenaline is too high and we are not getting enough sleep to think clearly... but in any case, i was quite glad i did them no matter what. hahz. then again i guess the constant happening of too much exciting stuffs is not exactly under one of the causes of heart attack... so should be fine. start believing in what you can't believe.

three. there are some games that kids like me really shouldn't start playing or join in yet... simply cos childish people just love the easy and less complicated way out. and i miss the "play like no one else is watching you" kind of feeling so much, too much to start. but then again life is just unpredictable so for now shall just keep this at that and see what other exciting things life has in store for me... better concentrate on the game of life literally.

cool cool week. exciting and errs... somewhat fun. hahz. truly free-spirited for now. and, love this.

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