"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the human mind and heart seem to have the tendency and capability of constantly finding things to keep themselves occupied somehow. the kaleidoscope is special because what we see from the outside is so different from what we see from inside it. do you see it as a world on its own, beautiful and wondrous or simply, a fantasy that does not exist and never will?

i guess we all need

. some time to ourselves . away from the crowd . some space by ourselves .

to clear certain clouds in our heads. never knew one can have the ability to conceal thoughts and true emotions so well and switch so fast. innate ability? part of human nature? or we simply learned? i like the rain but where is the sun?

how well do you truly know yourself? wait or move on? used to think one can wait indefinitely for some things. used to think once decided, things will always stay the same until faced with the possibilities that new things brought along. unexpected.

in the rain he stood. by the door she waited. tired, she walked away. sadly, he turned around. he wanted to shout but did not. she wanted to hear but could not. all it needed was the courage to take the step. but no one did. one by one, the petals fell. the steps were wet but not by the rain. the door which stood between them still did. she wanted a shoulder to lean on. he needed a hug. one refused to knock, the other to open. the direction will always differ, won't it? the pace will never coincide, will it? both will never know, will they?

maybe the time. maybe the rain. maybe it was never meant to be. if its anything, its now. then again it may have been nothing.

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