"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

recently a friend of mine told me something that got me thinking a bit... how good a person is also means how bad the person can get... hmm... so how bad a person is probably also means how good the person can be then?... something like how much your intensity of loving someone equals the capacity you can hate him/her in return? in any case, is it better to start being bad or good first? can someone really be good from the start till the end? as in really really good to everyone that kind... how do you know if you are being nice because of habit or really being nice because you want to be nice? won't a good person ever get tired of being nice and stop or like meet with some drastic changes in life to become extremely bad?dunno. i think good or evil is just a thin line away. thinking something bad but not executing it... does it necessary mean we are less evil? is there somewhat a link between being yourself and being self-centered? is there a connection between living for others and putting others before yourself? can we genuinely do that? its like what if one day you were to choose between your life and maybe the lives of 20 other random ppl you don't know when you just found the one right for you? what if the choice was between the life of your true love and the 20 other random ppl you can choose to save? greater good? or be selfish?

... brings me to the discussion of the definition of love. like a scenario where you can love someone so much that you are willing to forgo your own life for that person and then one sudden day when you realised that you are betrayed by the person and you can refuse to forgive that same person for the rest of your life? same person... different timings and thus fate. does love include forgiving? or simply at the end of the day, everyone still love themselves the most? hmm hmm.

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