"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

recently a friend told me that a person's heart can be very big. hmmm.... maybe? but i personally don't quite think its possible to love 2 persons at the same time? at least i don't think i can do this? there should only be enough room for one? like if there is someone you already like but then another very nice person like you too what would you do? it probably depends on the whether you are someone who needs to be loved more... an idealist or not.

then i recalled i had quite a long argument with this friend of mine who insisted the duke of mountdeer wei xiao bao loves all his 7 wives and it is possible. but i seriously find he is not loving them... if there's really someone in his heart that is so important how can he love another or like a few more others? dunno leh... feels a bit wierd. haiz. but then again if you think of it as like a person moving on after failed relationships, it seems very possible to in fact love more than one person in your life... is it possible that you really may not be the right one for the one you think is right for you?

but my friend also said that sometimes the person you end up with may not be the one you love the most.... ??? so complicated... like i understand when she said friendship is forever and relationship is not but??? how can you be with the person whom you know that you might not like the most? like not very fair??? dunno. maybe i am too idealistic and not practical le... maybe i haven't met with such a problem yet... but to me for now, my ideal relationship is still one where both sides love each other equally much... hmmm hmmm.

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