"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

goodness... i can't believe i am sooooo into the phantom of the opera that i have decided to watch it once more before it leaves singapore... on the 20th may... i guess it should be their last show. argh feeling terribly, horribly irrational and rash myself... especially when the ticket price are ex... maybe its been too long since some sensation like this manage to sweep me off feet... and oh well i was caught off guard... having weighed the cost of the ticket and the fact that the last time they were in singapore was like nearly 10 yrs ago... i finally decided to allow myself to be impulsive this time. haiz. oki at least i managed to get seats 8th row from the stage - consolling thought.

the last time i was in circle 3, level 4 and didn't manage to see the actors' and actresses' facial expressions that well. though i enjoyed myself tremendously nonetheless :) hopefully the people sitting beside me are less "conversational" than the last time so i can get absorbed by the musical totally this time. i felt so bad to ask them to lower their volume... but you know, i just don't want to get distracted... hehe :D oh well... i think its going to take quite a long while before this musical wears its excitement effects off me. its simply too amazing lah... crap... luckily at the present there are not much extremely important things that need my attention like studies and exams blah blah... hence i can indulge myself to this extravagance.

oh ya... i like the movie too!!! but the feeling is somehow different when you are there yourself and face to face with all the performers kinda thing. oh well hehe.

rite - must start saving up for future... k. after this i will. shall try real hard to restrain myself from watching another musical until i am able to control myself better of course. argh.... still wondering if i should get the movie vcd and programme book for the musical... argh - hui jun!!!

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