"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

... came across this comic while browsing through the internet... looks interesting. the internet is probably one of the many things that before they came into existence, there wasn't really any actual need for them. but after they did you probably can't do without them.

ok. no link but i was also thinking about how people of extraordinary talent are usually peculiar in their character... but i believe this perception is largely shaped by some shows i've been watching since young.

always had the idea that extremely artistic people are usually quiet and has extreme - highly intensified feelings... like if one day you happened to bump into them while they are creating some art works and that your interruption had spoilt everything driven away their inspiration and mood you are probably going to get scowled at and stuff. but they will probably be a spontaneous and romantic bunch who lacks the ability to provide you with the sense of security.

then again my idea of someone gifted in science/research will probably let themselves in on their work so much that if one day you bump into them in th middle of their research, they probably won't even realise you are there... like totally absorbed in their work and ignores other things completely... then if you happen to meet them for dinner and stuff they will probably rattle on and on and on about their work-related stuff... imagine when you are eating a piece of steak and all they is that while you are eating your body is secreting this and that enzymes and the molecules found in a steak are..... haha - imagine that!

hmmm.... then what if someone artistic meets and fall in love with someone science-based... that'll be fun. haha. but that invoke some other idea on whether opposites do attract - is everyone is just looking for someone who are like them and hold similar perceptions so that they are understood by their other half or someone strikingly different so they are completed?

... but as everyone always say that there are no logical formulas/reasonings that you can apply to love so... yeah once again i am thinking too much... hehe :D

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