"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

times when you confused me once more.
sensing more than i should?
you! seriously!

it must have been your usual 'calm and serious' persona...
therefore you always manages to surprise me just by being
that teeny little bit cheekier...
that teeny little bit more hyper...
that teeny little bit less dark and more cheery...
that teeny little bit in the 'doing-something-silly' (in a somewhat rather cute manner) mode.

i smiled, though our eyes did not meet - dared not,
well-aware that my force shield is not strong enough.
... so you probably wouldn't know i was kind of happy to meet you again.

no doubt, you merely reacted a little more strongly than your usual rather quiet self.
but i know, i am truly irresistible to tease,
even by the seriously most serious person on earth. (fine, a little exaggeration here.)

still, your puzzling reactions...
your 'jokingly' approach, put down all your stuff, appeared shocked, turn, walk away and suddenly come back with a somewhat bubbly teasing self when you saw me.

yeah. what? again? again.
you are genuinely funny,
so funny i wanted to laugh, a concoction of the 'kind-of-happy-to-see-you-again' with a little of the 'err.. -_-" so, this is the way you welcome me back?'.

and so,
since you're so funny that i don't know what to make of you,
i therefore decide, at this point in time, to give a loud dramatic sigh,
before concluding once more - its just you having fun teasing me. again.

yes. so, and nothing more.
you, strange you.

you, who somehow just manages to bring me that smile others can't.
irritating you.