"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

resolved to keeping the promise to herself silently,
she marched on with much firmity.
the waters calmed,
as long as he's not anywhere near her,

things were unbelievably simpler and easier,
when he's not anywhere near her.

and, it just might help a little more,
if he would stop calling her names whenever he sees her,
if he would tease her less,
if he would look less deep into her eyes during each brief chat they shared.

but, as long as she remembers to remind herself that,
he will always be shrouded in mystery,
remains unreachable,
and that his heart lies elsewhere,
things would be fine, and the waters, calm.

for she is an ardent believer of the philosophistic idea that,
in order for two hearts to truly bond,
both parties would have to take the same number of steps towards each other,
at the same time, under all circumstances.
not one more than the other, not in opposing directions.

and while she acknowledges her lack of patience for those
who tries too hard to keep their guarding wall high,
horoscope trait or not.
she'd have knocked once or twice, gently, before walking away.

she refuses to wait outside - she's never enjoyed playing the role of an unwelcomed intruder.

on another note - one that you'd probably never stumble upon,
you should learn to trust her,
and reveal yourself to her -
if you truly are waiting for or trying to find that somebody in your song.

you have to help the one who now holds your heart be that somebody whom you seek,
for that somebody is never ready-made.

and for this, you'll have to pass her the key to your heart - there is no other way.