"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

little fish was happily swimming in her own world until one day she swam upon a serene shore and came by a pair of sneakers. she was surprised to find this pair of shoes in the middle of nowhere, just lying by the waters so peacefully - they weren't brightly coloured or loud, just white and simple.

and it was their simplicity that simply caught her attention.

she swam ashore, sat by the waters and begin to examine them. it was a pair of white-coloured sneakers, with beige shoe laces - perfect for someone in a simple white dress! she gently slipped her left foot into the shoes first, and then her right - they fitted so comfortably! she strolled along the beach and danced a little while.

under the gentle moon beams, they seem to glow a soft white light.

she'd never want to take them off if she could. yet she knew that this pair of shoes probably belonged to another, for they did not whisper her name when she put them on. but she liked them nonetheless, something she can't explain. like, just like. really like. like how she would like to tread the paths of a hundred different places with this pair of shoes, like how she would like to run and jump and dance in them, like how she would like them to whisper her name and let her know why.

and when it was time for the tides and waves to send the shoes away, she reluctantly slip out of them and place them back where she found them.

yet the memories of her wearing the shoes just kept coming back at her. much was left undone, words were left unspoken. she wondered deeply if she would feel the way she felt, for any friend, or there really was something more? yet she really had only worn it for a short while, so how can she feel such sadness and worry when she watch them float away so bravely, to the shore they truly belonged? and how can they simply float away with this part of her that she didn't agree to let go in the first place?

while her mind calmed a little thinking of the closure,
her heart ached a little thinking of the distance.

she will always miss this pair of shoes of hers, no matter where they float to, however short while she wore them for. the footprints they left behind, and the sand beneath her shoes would all be washed away by the water one day. but she knew that grains of memories shall always remain a part of them.

goodbye shoes, be well, be brave.

if we shall cross path once more, may the one who owns you then truly be deserving of you, and may you find happiness with her, the happiness which fate and time had not in stored for us at the moment.

goodbye, shoes. i will miss you. very much.