"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Friday, November 5, 2010

fish wish she could take some words lighter sometimes. she wonders why there's such a high tendency of some to just blurt out not so encouraging words, rather than keeping silent. she understands that to those who comments some stuff, a comment may just be a comment and hence is to be brushed off lightly, but one really does not need to be perfect in singing or dancing or screaming or taking photographs or playing the piano or doing anything before one does all that right? and the main point is.... fish never even asked for any opinions to begin with? when one feels like it, why can't one just do it (whether one is good or bad at it) without having people commenting on him or her, whether he or she can or cannot do it? what is the point of only doing things they you feel you like and are good enough in them? she'd never want any of her friends to think that way. fish wishes all her friends can try any skills or arts they are interested in, whether they can or cannot do well in them.

she wishes them to enjoy all these wonderful and beautiful hobbies. while fish has friends who can't sing extremely well, she will encourage them to sing and she will sing along with them (if she knows the songs). while fish has friends whom differ in skills-level in photos-taking, she still admires their passion in taking each shot equally. but why are some friends of hers not able to do the same? perhaps fish does take words from certain friends whom she values slightly harder than the rest. she understands how or why her friend may have said some stuff, whether consciously or unawarely, and she still loves her friends for she does not forget every bit of nice little things they did for her.

perhaps god gave us many many friends because everyone is simply too different, so one can't be everything perfect to another. there are friends who are extremely encouraging and positive when one needs a shoulder and a listening ear while there are friends who have a lot of exposure to many things when one needs a solid advicer. and there are also friends who can play with you and not mind if you are perfect in what you play, as well as friends who really spend a lot of time in studying a certain skill-set when one wants to learn more.

friendship can only be strengthened when both friends choose to focus on the nice and supporting memories and learn to accept the tiny flaws in each other. positive energy is a requirement to keep fish believing in fairytales. she thanks god for every single one of her unique friend and they are all very precious to her. :)