"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

while trying to rush out an assignment report, i tried catching the last few episodes of tvb 强剑, in between my breaks, and, i was simply appalled by its ending. appalled enough for me to pen down my complaints here. really rare for a rather loyal tvb fan like me. but the ending is simply too much. *warning: emotional entry.

强剑: do NOT watch the final episode if you haven't. (the other episodes are great)

the final episode simply KILLED the whole series of 强剑 totally. totally. my goodness. i was about to rank it as one of my favourite series until i watched the last episode. and i totally wished it had just ended at any other earlier episodes, anyone of them will do. SERIOUSLY. i don't get what the scripwriter is thinking? everything from episode 1-19 was entertaining and fun to watch and the last episode is like jaw drop times ten. make it times hundred. the worst worst feeling i've ever gotten from a tvb drama.

成风 and 荆磊 taking the death of 莫问(司马雪)so lightly is simply??!!!北堂傲 exploding is ???!!!! the musical is another ????!!!!! and the worse of them all is 成风 marrying 水灵. really. ??????!!!!!!!!!!. that totally IS IT. i HATE it when such a good casting simply went to waste cos of a ?????!!!!!!!! script???!!!! argh. totally pissed off. how can tvb do this to its loyal fan. *hurt. totally. lose faith + feels cheated.

how can 成风 go with 水灵 and not 北堂紫珑?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!. irritated. totally. how can they waste a series like this with such great potential??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! kns. argh. seriously kns. its like i had SO MUCH LIKING for this series and the ending simply made me regret to even begin watching this whole show in the first place and getting attached to the characters. pissed off. argh. :( i think i can continue working on my report for a quite a while since the final episode simply made me very... ????!!!!!.

can they please remake the last episode and brand it as 'the other ending'? i will gladly go and buy that episode's vcd, seriously. just remake it. really. how can tvb do this to me? :( i dun even want to put its picture here lest i get reminded of the ????!!!!! ending. seriously.