"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

testing one's true acceptance. what is your strength to accept the world you'll never be perfectly ready for? when the fight involves you against your very self, your emotions, your thoughts and your pride, and when it seems you've gone too far in to turn back to the blinding light and yet you know that the path when continued on, leads to darker darkness?

for every single thing one is given in perfection, life, health and the ability to change, one ought to give thanks twice - for one did nothing to earn it. yet, the thankfulness of some is transient, inwards, repressed and even contradicting. when one feels its below one's dignity to thank, then perhaps the dignity which one had in the first place is limited.

one can perhaps run away from almost everything; things that one dislike, things that bring strong negative emotions of fear and hurt, but one can never run away from oneself. if one does not start somewhere, then one does not start anywhere. strength and courage never came before the first step. it comes as one goes along. strength from within can only be released if one made that decision to take on the hardships attached to the option chosen.

as often as one looks for things to desire and hold on to, the list will be unending. yet, even if one posses such a list, spend all their time looking for enjoyment and pleasures, life can still be as hollow as it has always been. one has missed the point of living.

life is what you make of it. if you find yourself disliking most things, then perhaps you should relook on the amount of effort you subconciously spend on looking for more things to displease yourself, just so you can comment to others about your displeasure. Correspondingly, if one had all along focused on every single thing to be thankful for, and finding beauty in all that one is given, happiness just seem ceaseless.

only you have the power to decide to cross that line within yourself to the site where happiness resides. happiness just does not happen without any internal struggles; realise that all that stops one from being happy is essentially one's own heart.

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