"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Friday, March 27, 2009

story of the three droplets

within the little pandora box of our little water faerie, lay a droplet of pure gold and a droplet of pure silver.

the cross path between the very first shooting star that landed on our earth and the dew drop of the very first morning gave rise to the essence of this silver droplet, henceforth its shine emanated was one of brilliant brightness, white in its purest form and a healing aura the depth of the deepest oceans.

the golden droplet was from the very first ray of the rising sun of the very first morning and found under the most melodic moonlight; for the moon of the past sang such hopeful hymns once upon a time. for this, the golden drop brought forth the most fragrant fragrance and the sweetness of the sweetest honey.

these two droplets tug gently at her heartstrings to lift them up whenever she feels down and soothes her slightest heartaches, if any. they were so precious to her, she held them so close to her heart and treasured them deeply.

the stars told her that there would be a third droplet of liquid crystal, essence drawn form the very first snowflake that fell on the earth and one that would take an eternity to form, under the most delusive lake at the ends of the earth.

there would be swan waiting patiently on thin ice above the lake, the single swan who would know where in the lake rests that liquid crystal, the most beautifully dimensioned and perfectly formed crystal, overflowing with warmness.

the swan awaits the single lady to find it and set it free
an eternity it has waited, an eternity it will continue to wait.

water faerie suddenly opened her eyes and lay down beside the spring.
she gently rests her fingers on the surface on the waters and felt puzzled when she did not see the ripples she expects to.

she leaned forward to take a closer look and to her amazement, she saw the most magnificent swan looking down at her from the reflection. she trace out the form of the swan and paused, when she saw the tear in the eyes of the swan. when the drop of tear finally fell, ripples appeared on the surface of the spring, and the swan was replaced by her own reflection in the waters.

water faerie felt her heart ached tremendously at that very moment, for no logical reason and she missed that swan terribly.

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