"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Monday, March 2, 2009

story of a little fish.

for she was born of love,
hence she was made to love.
she finally realised that she cannot stop herself from caring,
however burdened she feels, for she was created to be so -
the very day she begins to exist.

this day, our small fish found her cross.

this day, there was an earthquake in the nearby shores where our little fish lived. her small pond was badly shaken. her small pond was where she had happily made her home in, since she swam here some time back.
yet this very day, she heard about this other fish which did not managed to escape from the fateful earthquake and, lost his life.

this day, when she heard the news, she watched other fishes swim by her as if nothing had happened, preoccupied by their own tiny problems and going about their daily business. she heard them brush it off lightly, she heard them joke about it briefly. she didn't understand why she felt so deeply for the poor fish when she hadn't even known him, while others never did.

she couldn't see why other fishes cannot see, that right in front of them, was a fish who swam so hard to reach this little pond, only to find himself being swept off by the single tide he couldn't cross. and what he lost thereafter were countless precious moments which could have been used to build and store beautiful memories in his lifetime.

this day, fish began to question herself if she could ever be like a normal fish at all - with what went on around her, her lamentations were for the loss of an unacquianted fish?! fish began to hope that she could be as non-chalant, or just take it lighter, but she simply couldn't.

this day, fish wondered why other fishes did not see the same world the way she did -
that they all perhaps ever crossed fins once with this fish, who now will never again swim in the same ocean as they do;
that one day, it might be a fish whom they knew, who couldn't escape from another earthquake;
that this fish may have wished to turn back time and swim far far away from this fateful earthquake or pond, but there could never be a 2nd chance for him to choose;
that this fish will never get to say goodbye to his beloved fishes in his true home again.

this day, fish asked herself is she truly wanted others to see the same world the way she did.
she wished they never will.

for only when a fish is focusing on his/her own set of problems, will the problems of other fishes become manageable for him/her. and only when a fish solely cares about how he/she feels, will the emotions and pains of other fishes become much more insignificant, and bearable.

this day, our small fish found her cross.

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