"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Friday, October 17, 2008

water fairy realised something today. okay, fine. some thingS.

that there are certain things that you should never get yourself involved in before you are sure.

like sometimes you have to stop yourself and draw the line until you are sure the level of comfort is there for the other person. even though you know most part of the story and the person also probably knows you know too. there's always a better topic, especially when you are trying to care for someone you are not exactly very close to.

in addition, water fairy really hopes she can get de-sensitised a bit. although being sensitive means being more understanding, it is really quite a fair bit of guess-work and lots of unnecessary think-work constantly too... so it can be quite tiring for the mind, hers especially. :S

i guess that's why she enjoys being alone by herself sometimes. so she can stop guessing and thinking what others might feel and if there's anything she must do or say or avoid saying or doing to make them feel better...

what makes it :S is when people gossips to her and she tend to feel for the subject but she can also understand from the gossipers' point of view, their feelings and yet at the same time can never figure out why can't they can't do the same for the person they talk about. and the worse thing is she is not even involved in the whole event. so... ?! (she definitely prefers not to be involved!) but the main point is when she cannot see the positive side of human spirit in things, she just find them meaningless.

then again maybe she should stop caring. so she wouldn't have this problem at all.
as if its in her.

all in all, being alone is definitely a way to find peace for the water fairy :)

this is in her.

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