"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

recently've been stealing moments out of my hetic schedule (while waiting for buses, trains and while sitting on them too!) to catch up on the tremendous amount of reading (i missed out) and that which i so totally missed sooooo much over the school days. reading is truly one of life's most enjoyable pleasures. (at least for mine) hahz! both my dad and mom are nowhere near patronisers of storybooks though. wonder where i get that gene from. i love books that range from inspirational to fictional to fantasy and even to pictorial/creations and really don't mind sitting somewhere alone just pouring them and get lost in their world. must definitely cheong to the library again soon and read as much as i can fill my time before school starts. hahz... credit and tribute to the USSR reading programmes and book reviews i was forced to write in pri and sec schools that start me on a reading spree since then i guess?

couldn't put down a book which i borrowed for light reading. really enjoyed the lightness of tones and perspectives intermingled with the heavy settings and theme. it is definite a good read to keep your mind entertained for the afternoon, predictable yet not bland. excellent for a quick light enjoyable read. love it. revolves around the completion of tasks written on a list and life changing events that arise from small and almost insignificant happenings that we let slip by. :) read it! for fun. lots.

and... the next thing on my list will be... to...
borrow more books to read of course!!!

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