"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

hehehe. back again. recently felt quite free-spirited in some sense :D picked up some really precious lessons in life and grew some wisdom? lol. i guess its just about getting some light and better insights into some stuff in my life ba... hmm hmm. like this feeling of shoving interesting experiences into my very own life's treasure-box along with some discoveries, memories and adrenaline rushes.

i think strength really comes from having courage to take the first step and then accepting with grace what comes after and never running away. patience is of utmost importance... really must be generous with giving ourselves time to understand and never rush. many a times its really boiling down to how we look at some stuff in life - our own perspectives are what that are influencing us. spending some quiet moments alone reflecting and thinking really helped. of course not to mention the time spent with meow, one of my two bestest buds in my life is just plain thankful for.
i guess its really really not high chance to find another whom you know truly understand what you are thinking about, cares for, feels for and thinks so much the same as. its kinda scary to like have someone knowing me so well, second to myself and my mom? haha. yet the feeling is indescribable... its like you know she'll always be there for you and like you just know deep down the friendship shared is the strongest among the rest and can really stand the test of time. you can't really explain but you just know kind of thing... i guess must experience yourself then will know de ba.. some stuff. hahz. its fortunate enough to have one but to have two is just plain lucky. my 2 best friends in life are really amazing wonders. thankful. gen & meow.

its like when you hear updates from them on similar things that happened to other friends, you'll naturally want and really wish to know more and feels so much more for their happenings. when you are updating them about recent happenings, you'll fill them in with much more details as well... special privileges like that. hahz... its just different as when you are sharing with others... dunno how to say.
... currently feeling the stress mounting up to exams (inevitable as usual) but nevertheless looking forward to the holidays and since exams happened to come before that... so i guess no choice, gotta get "pass" them first... :(

hmmm hmm. hehehe but really feel very free-spirited at the moment. this feeling rocks.

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