"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

oh well. seems like i just can't start or fit into certain conversations... particularly those that most girls like to talk about. frequency just seem different. but never seem to have the problem with my close friends though... maybe that's why we are close.

feels that true equality treatment is really really rare and people are always judging by appearances. know that it is inevitable but just dun like that gan3 jue2. dun supposed i will have any friends who are err. too gentle. haha. i am probably the kind who dares to play all the way and err even if it means getting soaked in mud... wonders if my character is really suitable for a girl sometimes. lol. my grandma used to tell me that my character is so much more like a boy... prob because i am more "outdoor and sporty and fun loving" as compared to my other female cousins... who prefers shopping in air-con places in which err i dun really fancy really.

used to think that as long as there is a common enemy or a gossip topic, it will be easier for certain girls or maybe most girls to "bond" and i supposed that is rather true but not this way for me. i seriously dun like this idea at all. if you dun like that person then just keep it to urself and dun affect others' opinions of him/her lah. like i mean all of us are not perfect anyways.

i also find that it is not difficult for me to fit into different or new groups but just that i am only truly comfortable with around people who thinks more of the common positive topics and criticise/zhen1 dui4 others less. like... ask me how i feel about so-and-so whom i really dun like and i will prob just say we are of different frequency.

i very much prefer groups that are based on maybe the common goal of winning, playing games with our very best all the way and then is able to chat with everyone and anyone and not just stick to their own groups in camps esp... can't you just mix around and know each other better?! thank goodness i already have a bunch of such friends around me. cos i really dun like to be judged, judge or see others being judged when whatever we know is only so little and not the full story.

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