"i'll like a drop of rainwater refracting light...
and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Monday, June 11, 2007

happened to read "born on a blue day"... when he was young, he seems so pefectly fine to be without any friends at all. but actually why does it feels wierd if we were to imagine ourselves to be "friendless"? stigma or impression formed since young?

hmmm... actually what are some reasons why friends are important? because they are a source of support? because they just happen to be there when you want someone to spend time with? because they listen to you when you want someone to talk to? because you don't want to be alone?

ever wonder how strong friendship can be when weighed with self interests? what are the boundaries you can push in any friendship? especially today?

low maintenance friendships tend to be able to last longer probably since meeting up once in a while gives you more time to miss each other more and have more topics to talk about as compared to meeting up too often? or because its a kind of friendship where you know you are emotional-burden-free from the daily hassles and problems your friends might face?

how do you judge if a friendship is strong? does the no. of getting-togethers and time spent together matter? or by relativity - as compared to your other friends? does it affect the amount of trust you have for each other?

you probably can have friends you feel comfortable to hang out with all the time and even know their lifestyles and home as well as your own but when it comes to finding someone to share your real burdens with - how often will you talk to them? maybe they don't give you the confidence to cos you know them too long such that you know they are not the kind whom like you to share your problems with them?

if the amount of trust is by relativity - if your friend trusts you more than any of her friends and you know it - but not as much as you trust her - will this affect the friendship? how many friends are you confident will come to your rescue if an emergency crops up at the expense of maybe her life? if you at least have one, then you are probably one of the lucky few.

friendship, most of the time comes second in priority to our family and perhaps love - you probably think yout family is for life so is your future other-halve. once again, if you have at least one friends whom you can imagine keeping in contact and growing old with together till the day maybe when your children are big then once again, you are probably one of the lucky few.

but of course you can't imagine your life without all of your friends either - to talk, to play, to slack, to plan, to lame, to eat, to sing, to bicker, to think of.

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