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and a dash of illumination across the endless dark too."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

...making a decision usually depends on logic + analysis + reasoning + understanding of + trust for the persons involved but i think the thing that plays the most important part is the feelings of the decision maker. that's why its not too easy to make a decision at all. its like involving lots of "u- know-u-should-do-what-but..." involved in it. but then again, ultimately the ease or difficulty of making any decision depends on the exent and scale of the effect it brings along.

and if a decision is dragged for too long, it might actually become quite stressing for the people directly or indirectly involved. maybe that's why some people prefers to have answers thrown straight back into their faces rather than waiting for it... haiz. making decision is one thing, how you go about delivering the choice you have made is another.

a decision can only be subjective or objective. but there's a saying which goes one man's apple is another's peach... so a decision which seems objective to some may be subjective to others. and so it relies quite a lot on the environment, time frame and circumstances in which it was made. just like certain decisions made now which sounds right to majority would have sounded wrong way back in the past.

maybe because we are all living in a greyer world, no more either black or white, so we are more accepting towards a lot of decisions and maybe thats why its harder to say exactly whether a decision is right or wrong.

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Lynn said...

hey.. was ur entry directed to the situationi'm in now..?